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The Difference Between Liability and Property Risks and Claims

Sometimes the lines between a property or liability claim can be blurry.  For homeowners and business owners alike, determining what type of claim to file or identifying which policies will respond to a given occurrence can be confusing.  Below, please find Beckerman & Co’s cheat sheet for determining if a policyholder is dealing with  property or liability insurance. The first helpful tip to remember is... Read Article

The Top Google Searches On Business Insurance

Our Business Insurance Answers Your business insurance is an important part of your risk management program. It is important to have the right Business insurance coverage, competitive pricing, and the right insurer.  We have researched the top Google searches regarding business insurance programs, and we thought you might like to see what kinds of questions people are asking. What are the different kinds of business... Read Article

How To Build A Good Relationship With Your Insurance Company

Commercial insurance is about developing relationships between the insurance company and the customer, or business. The more your insurance company knows and understands your risk, the lower your premium will likely be. Unlike personal insurance, commercial insurance premiums are developed using some level of individual judgement on the part of the underwriter. Underwriters can credit your premiums by 25% in most cases. Here is what... Read Article

Every Business Needs A Disaster Plan

You have invested a great deal of time, money, and energy into your business in order for it to be successful.  Part of every successful business is having a plan in place if a disaster should happen.  According to the Small Business Administration, 25% of businesses do not re-open after a disaster.  Most of these failed businesses did not have a disaster plan in place.... Read Article

Workers’ Compensation Tips From Top Risk Managers

  Some of the nation’s top risk managers often share their secrets with the world through published articles and on social media. We have been tracking these tips over the past year and thought we might share a few of them with you. Trip and fall injuries from Disney – With the millions of people and employees walking around their parks, Disney protects itself by... Read Article