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What You Need To Know about Co-Insurance on Property Policies

If tangible property is an integral part of business operations, understanding the co-insurance clause in property insurance is important to ensure that, in the event of a total-loss, a claim payout will be equivalent to your purchased limits. This applies to a variety of property policies and adhering to the co-insurance clause is beneficial for both the carrier and the insured. It is important to... Read Article

Surviving the Property Claims Process

The entire purpose of purchasing an insurance policy is to be protected in the event of a loss.  However, risk management does not end with purchasing a policy.  The next step is to become acquainted with the claims process and prepare in the event of a substantial loss. From documenting belongings to communicating with the carrier and understanding the time frame of the process, there are... Read Article

The Difference Between Liability and Property Risks and Claims

Sometimes the lines between a property or liability claim can be blurry.  For homeowners and business owners alike, determining what type of claim to file or identifying which policies will respond to a given occurrence can be confusing.  Below, please find Beckerman & Co’s cheat sheet for determining if a policyholder is dealing with  property or liability insurance. The first helpful tip to remember is... Read Article