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What is My Client Requesting on this Certificate of Insurance?

Sometimes, in the excitement of closing a deal, business owners may agree to insurance requirements that their current policy cannot honor.  In cases like this, it is during the issuance of the required certificate of insurance (COI) that this discovery is made. This could lead to a delay in issuing the certificate as the two companies iron out the insurance requirement details. In an effort... Read Article

The Certificate of Insurance Act Provides Relief for Insureds

It is no secret that supplying a certificate of insurance to a bank, mortgage, finance company or insurance contract specialist can be a nightmare.  From exact wording that is required to additional coverage that sometimes needs to be purchased to meet requirements, obtaining the COI can be an event in itself.  Luckily for insureds the State of NJ has responded by passing The Certificates of... Read Article

Are You Running A Business From Home?

Home based businesses can offer the best of two worlds; working from home and earning a living.  In fact, over 50% of small businesses are run from homes.  But there are risks in operating your business from you home. Most home based businesses do not have the same risks as other business including buildings, employees, production machinery, or fleets of vehicles.  But, home based businesses... Read Article

Your Experience Mod Is Your Workers’ Comp Identity

It is a fact that many employers actually overpay for their workers’ compensation premiums.  According to the latest reports, employers are paying around 20% more in surcharges than they need to. Most surcharges come from increases in the experience modification factor (mod). The experience mod is a factor unique to each employer. In simple terms, this formula is designed to compare a specific employer’s historical... Read Article

The Top Google Searches On Business Insurance

Our Business Insurance Answers Your business insurance is an important part of your risk management program. It is important to have the right Business insurance coverage, competitive pricing, and the right insurer.  We have researched the top Google searches regarding business insurance programs, and we thought you might like to see what kinds of questions people are asking. What are the different kinds of business... Read Article