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Flood Proofing Your Residential Property

For homeowners seeking to go above and beyond purchasing a flood insurance policy to protect their home from flood damage, physically flood proof their home using is an option. Not all methods described below are available to all homeowners. Factors to be considered in a flood proofing project is the location the related flood areas of the home and local and state flood proofing regulations.... Read Article

Flood Insurance Rate Increases: Who Will Be Affected?

April 1, 2017 brought the implementation of rate increases for flood insurance policies pursuant to the Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2012 and the Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act of 2014. Premium increases are the result of the current deficit the NFIP is in, roughly 20 billion dollars. In addition to being an effort to raise the funds the NFIP needs to respond to... Read Article

Elevation Certificates

Anyone who has attempted to purchase a home requiring flood insurance has heard about elevation certificates.  And, as of recently, people who have tried to purchase flood insurance on a home that was built after the 1970s has also become familiar with elevation certificates.  Most people want to know, what are they? Elevation certificates are official documentation from a surveyor that certifies the Base Floor... Read Article

Common Autumn Insurance Claims

The air is crisp, the trees outside are hosting their own art show, and most people can’t wait to dig into their first soup of the season. With all of the sensory stimulation fall brings, one mustn't let the joy of autumn blind our risk management instincts.   There are claim-types that are popular in the fall.  Continue reading to learn what they are and how... Read Article

Purchasing Home Owners Insurance During the Home Buying Process

  Typically, home buying is a multi-step process. One of those steps is purchasing homeowners insurance in a timely manner to bring evidence of insurance to the closing table.  Since the purchase of home insurance occurs at the end of the home buying process, it can be handled as an afterthought which results in home buyers not being prepared to obtain a homeowners quote.  As... Read Article