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Common Autumn Insurance Claims

The air is crisp, the trees outside are hosting their own art show, and most people can’t wait to dig into their first soup of the season. With all of the sensory stimulation fall brings, one mustn't let the joy of autumn blind our risk management instincts.   There are claim-types that are popular in the fall.  Continue reading to learn what they are and how... Read Article

Five Questions To Ask Your Broker

There is a growing trend that involves the idea that insurance agents are different. And that when selecting your personal insurance, it pays to use an agent who has experience, knowledge and the services you need. Your agent should have many years’ experience in the industry. They should have a staff that has the knowledge and experience to handle your individual personal insurance concerns and... Read Article

You Were Just In A Hit And Run Accident…Now What?

Did you know that about 15% of all auto accidents involve a hit and run driver? Many people flee accidents for two reasons: they are either not properly licensed or they are not insured. Having uninsured motorist coverage is good protection for hit and run accidents. Our hope is that you never are in an accident, but if you are involved in a hit and... Read Article

How Technology Can Help Reduce Auto Insurance Premiums

In the good old days, people used to pay less for their auto insurance if they drove less. While that may still be partially true, in today’s world, there are many more ways to help you save on your auto insurance.  Today’s autos come equipped with a great deal of technology to help you be a safe driver, and this technology can also help reduce... Read Article

How Auto Insurance Can Help You In Times of Trouble

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, an automobile is stolen in the United States approximately every 45 seconds and losses of over $4 billion a year.  Depending on the kind of vehicle you own, you have a very good chance of having your auto stolen in your lifetime. Auto insurance can cover your loss in the event of a theft. Auto insurance would also... Read Article