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Policy Review: Valentine's Day Edition

There are several events that should trigger an insurance policy review.  The least recognized event is Valentine’s Day.  According to, 17.3% of all Valentine’s gifts will be in the form of jewelry and, overall, according to, the US saw $316 Billion dollars in jewelry sales in 2016. That’s a lot of bling! Whether one receives jewelry on Valentine’s Day, or several times a... Read Article

Protecting Your Identity While Shopping

While the holiday season brings bigger opportunity for would be hackers given the increased amount of online transactions with credit cards, consumers should be vigilant all year round.  While some homeowners and renters policies offer a basic level of identity theft indemnification, it is still in shoppers’ best interest to proactively protect their identity and credit cards while shopping.  One way to plan a defense... Read Article

What You Need To Know about Co-Insurance on Property Policies

If tangible property is an integral part of business operations, understanding the co-insurance clause in property insurance is important to ensure that, in the event of a total-loss, a claim payout will be equivalent to your purchased limits. This applies to a variety of property policies and adhering to the co-insurance clause is beneficial for both the carrier and the insured. It is important to... Read Article

A Guide to Reduce and Prevent Workers Compensation Claims

Managing the costs of all the insurance policies necessary to ensure a business is fully protected can be overwhelming.  Specifically when rates and premiums increase even with no losses or lapse in coverage.  Workers Compensation however, offers the opportunity for a business owner to decrease their premium through the Experience Modification Rating, (EMR).  For companies that qualify for an EMR, it would be prudent to... Read Article

Thanksgiving Safety Tips

    Celebrating Thanksgiving is an event most people look forward to in November. Whether you are a host or a guest,  be sure to plan for safety in addition to the menu and guest entertainment or travel planning. With the hustle and bustle of getting ready for the holiday, simple safety measures can be forgotten.  Be sure to incorporate the following safety tips when... Read Article